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Forensic Computer Services and Investigations Ltd (FCSI) is a digital forensic and data recovery company. The nature of our business is to use digital forensics and data recovery to find and recover data from digital media. We provide necessary services to law enforcement, law practitioners, and consumers across British Columbia. Our digital forensics team guarantees legal standards of preservation, recovery and analysis of information contained on electronic media.

Digital forensic examination has grown over the past decade. The growth is expected to expand as the need to recover and analyze data from digital media is important to all clients. The ability for forensic examiners to report their findings has become a great necessity for both law practitioners and law enforcement. Often times, hardware containing data such as a hard drive or USB storage device may be destroyed or found to be non-functional. It may be necessary for law enforcement, law practitioners and clients to retrieve data they believe are lost. A forensic examiner has the expertise to carve out and extract data from such hardware devices. The value of this information can be used for evidentiary purposes in the Canadian Judicial system.

Digital forensic examiners have the expertise to acquire, analyze and preserve data in a forensic manner. FCSI is able to process and perform such examinations at an affordable rate to the consumers of British Columbia. Affordable rates are not widely available to consumers in B.C for such services. We believe FCSI is the solution to a growing problem.

Information is being communicated through many different transmission mediums. As people are using technology to relay messages such through the use of email and text messaging, privacy becomes a priority when determining what information needs to be viewed, hidden or destroyed. Research firm “The Radacati Group” indicate the total worldwide email accounts are expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts in 2012 to 4.3 billion accounts by 1year-end 2016. This represents an average annual growth of 6% over the next four years. They also found that on average in year 2008, 210 billion emails are sent per day.


We welcome all applicants who are passionate and hard working in the field of Digital Forensics and Data Recovery. FCSI Ltd is always looking for bright, talented, and ambitious people to join our Vancouver-based team. We encourage you to upload your resume and cover letter to

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