Digital Media Wiping

Do you hope and believe you have erased all the important data on your computer after deleting your files, emptying the recycle bin, formatting the hard drive and or reinstalling a new operating system? These are just some of the myths that people believe will get rid of their data.

None of the above options are effective when attempting to erase data. All deleted data is still present on your digital device. Using the wiping method, FCSI Ltd will overwrite existing data sector by sector erasing data permanently, giving you piece of mind that the data is gone forever.

  • Desktops/ Laptop Hard drives

  • Corporate Printers

  • USB Storage Devices

  • Flash Media

  • Xbox 360

CBS – Copy Machine Security

The following video is courtesy of CBS – Copy Machine Security. It reports the importance of data being copied to internal hard drives on corporate office printers. This information can be purchased by thieves to conduct possible criminal activities. FCSI has the tools required to ensure that all data is removed forensically and cannot be recovered ever!

Online Investigations

Our trained professionals can conduct online investigations and extract information from the internet. Clients can include employers, insurance companies, debt collectors, and missing people searches. We provide such services using the internet to collect information:


  • Skip tracing

  • Verification of address & phone numbers

  • Anonymous emails

  • Anonymous posting 

  •  Slander (Defamation)

  • Background checks

  • Identification of a suspect and their activities 

Data Recovery (Hardware)

Clients can bring in their non functional digital media such as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or hard drive device to have repaired for extraction purposes. FCSI can then attempt to carve out all data types requested by the client. These requests are usually Microsoft documents, emails, wedding photos, spreadsheets etc. Our recovery services involve hardware problems that could have occurred by the following:


  • Server Corruption and Hardware Failure 

  • Virus and malicious code damage 

  • RAID Configurations. 

  • Fire, Flood, Lightning Damage. 

  • Sabotage or user damages. 

  • Logic Card / PCB Failures. 

Media Data Recovery (Software)

  • Did you accidentally erase your, data, report or term paper? 

  • Did your computer crash and are you missing important data? 

  • d ou reformat your SD card and your photos or music are gone?

Fear not! FCSI Ltd. to the rescue!

Contrary to popular belief, documents or images that appear to be deleted to the untrained eye are actually recoverable using data recovery techniques performed by the frensic examiners at FCSI Ltd.

FCSI Ltd. is a forensic and data recovery firm that provides data recovery services to retrieve lost or accidentally deleted documents from your hard drive, SD card, laptop hard drive, microSD card, etc.

We strive to provide affordable services that are accessible to anyone who has been impacted by data loss, as we understand how stressful it can be.


e-Discovery is the exchange of information also known as electronic stored information (ESI). Law practitioners are primary clients who request such information. Electronic information is usually accompanied by metadata. This metadata can include dates, times and authors of a particular file. Clients canrequest files to be extracted with its metadata. This information is vital evidence for law practitioners. FCSI has the expertise to ensure all files are extracted and collected in its entirety at the request of the client.

Smartphone Forensics

With over 8 million smart phone users currently in Canada it is an area that is recognized by FCSI that will require forensics. Smartphone forensics will be administered by our own examiners. Our examiners are able to extract data that is not seen by other softwares on the market. Clients can have our examiners collect and analyze a smartphone no matter its condition. As many smartphones have many different models and functionality our examiners will do our best to retrieve the following:

  • File System Dump

  • General specifications about the phone

  • Database Files 

  • Photos/ Videos and Recordings

  • Text Messages /Chat Logs/ Social networking artifacts

  • Call Logs (Duration, Missed Calls, Dialed Calls)

  • SIM Card information

  • Unlock Phone Codes

Risk Assessment

FCSI introduces a new risk factor analysis. This technique will help restore a client’s options by ways of analyzying or evaluating the risk associated with your current situation. Our experts will determine the appropriate ways to mitigate the situation by rendering consultation services. Call for more information…

Responsive Web Designing

We are also providing services related to website designing.

Our skilled and creative web designers are efficient enough to get your website up and running smoothly.

Services we specialize in are:

  • Web Design
  • On-site Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile-Friendly  and Responsive Designs (adaptable to any screen)
  • Social Media Integration

If you are interested in or need any of these services, please go ahead and


We would love to assist you and provide you the best service you deserve.


Logo Designing

Logo designing is essential when it comes to launching a Website. The logo is basically a representation of your company or brand. It describes and identifies who you are, and what you are as a whole.

Our Creative designers are efficient enough to create an impressive and relevant logo for your business. We will transform your imagery concepts into reality.


We would love to assist you and provide you the best service you deserve.

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